Reflection Glen Coe 2

Reflection Glen Coe 2

Reflection Glen Coe 2.....Taken just off A82 heading north.( Sunday 7th, March 2010 ).

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ditor's comments

Glencoe in Scotland is a must visit for any photographer as this photograph goes to show. It looks like you've ventured away from the beaten track and found this beautiful tarn in the surrounds of the snowy mountains. There's no other word for this reflection other than, spectacular. Next time, don't be afraid to get even closer to the waters edge and you could even try shooting level with the water, with the camera carefully setup on a tripod.

Info :

Camera :  Nikon D80. Sigma 10-20 Lens @18mm.

Exposure :  f16 @ 1/15 sec. ISO 100.

Software :  Elements 6.

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